In Uganda the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development are focusing on a number of key projects including:

  • Kenya – Uganda Oil Pipeline Extension Project
  • Karuma Hydro Power Project
  • Uganda Refinery – The refinery in Uganda will boost the region’s refining capacity and ensure security of supply of petroleum products especially for the land locked Partner States such as Rwanda and Burundi. Besides being a strategic investment for the country and the region, developing a refinery in the country will improve Uganda’s balance of payments by reducing the petroleum products import bill. The Project will also contribute to economic gains for Ugandans as the construction of the refinery alone is estimated to create 4,000 to 6,000 temporary jobs. Once complete, ongoing refinery operations are expected to create more than 650 permanent jobs. The development of attendant industries such as the petrochemical and manufacturing industries will also create jobs for Ugandans and ensure the transfer of technology in the refining and associated industries.