Stanislas Drochon

IHS, Africa Oil & Gas

Stanislas is the Senior manager of the Africa Practice in Paris, and is primarily involved in consulting where he focuses on Africa and competitive strategy analysis. He is also the manager of the East Africa Service (EAS), of the Downstream Africa Service (DAS), of the Downstream Monitoring Service for Middle East & North Africa (DMS-MENA) and of the Multi-Client Study on Mediterranean Basin Outlook. He has also provided workshops on the African Oil & Gas sector to several oil companies operating in Africa as well as to government officials in several countries.

Stanislas has contributed as a peer-reviewer to the World Energy Outlook (IEA – International Energy Agency) chapters on Resource-rich Sub-Saharan African countries (2008) and on Energy poverty (2010). He also has spoken in a number of high level conferences in Africa and Europe.
Prior to joining PFC Energy, he worked in Mauritania for the UNDP as an assistant to the Strategic Advisor, for the NGO Sopel International (Business intelligence & development on Africa) and in Croatia for the Economic Research Department of the French Embassy.Stanislas holds a M.Sc. in Management from EDHEC Business School (France), and studied at the Management Development Institute of Gurgaon (India).

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