Richard Boehne

Vice President
Merrick & Company

Richard Boehne is the Vice President of International Business for Merrick & Company in Washington, DC and a Board Director for Merrick’s International Services Company.Mr. Boehne has over 20 years of leadership experience in international program management and business development in various locations throughout the world. Merrick’s core capabilities include energy, national security, life sciences, infrastructure, and geospatial markets. Specific areas of focus include; bio-mass energy conversion, petroleum processing, nuclear materials processing, bio- science research facility design, facilities infrastructure development, national security facilities,and geospatial solutions. Mr. Boehne’s international experience includes long-term assignments in East Africa, Antarctica, Central Asia, and the Gulf Region of the Middle East. His focus includes both government and commercial business activities related to defense, science support management, and infrastructure development. He also serves on the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) International Committee and Chairs the subcommittee on International Finance Institutions. In addition,
Mr. Boehne’s professional interests are speaking engagements on Anti-Corruption Compliance. During his extensive career, Mr. Boehne served as Raytheon’s Country Director for the Middle East Arabic Gulf Region. In this capacity he represented all of Raytheon’s business lines in region from 2007-2011 while living in Abu Dhabi,UAE. Prior to living in the Gulf region, he served as the Director of Operations for Raytheon Polar Services Company in Antarctica from 1999-2002. From 2002-2007,he worked throughout the Former Soviet Union (FSU) and was Head of Office for both Kazakhstan and Azerbaijani businesses. His tenure included senior corporate representative responsibilities for a large oil/gas project in Western Kazakhstan. US government efforts included support for upgrading security at critical infrastructure and border facilities related to WMD nonproliferation. Mr. Boehne also served as the Department of State (DOS) funded BioTechnology Engagement Program Manager for approximately 60 bio-science projects throughout Russia, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia. His early professional career focused on security, environmental health, and safety activities in both government and commercial facilities – including the opening of two Department of Energy nuclear technology laboratory facilities in the US. He received his MS in Environmental Health at Colorado State University, an MS in Industrial Safety Management at the University of Central Missouri and a BA in History at St. Cloud State University in Minnesota. Mr. Boehne also served in the US Peace Corps in
Kenya, East Africa (1985-1987). Mr. Boehne is a citizen of the US and currently resides in the Washington, DC NationalCapital Region.
Merrick & Company
1215 South Clark Street
Arlington, VA 22202
Richard T. Boehne, MS2, ARM, CEM
Vice President International Business & Principal Washington DC office
Direct: +1 703-584-4767
Cell: +1 703-403-1584

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